The wingfoil consists of moving with a board with the help of a wing. You can use a board with a lot of volume for learning but it is of great interest when using a board with a foil, which is when you experience the sensation of going very fast over the water with very little resistance. Although it started a few years ago, it has practically experienced great acceptance since 2020, increasing practitioners exponentially. Both Isla Canela and Punta del Moral are fantastic beaches for learning, thanks to the fact that there are generally no waves and they have large areas of shallow water that are protected by Sand Islands. At the same time, it presents an ideal thermal wind regime in which in the morning we have a breeze from the north that leaves the water quite flat and in the afternoon it rolls to the west, generally stronger, for students with a higher level.

The course lasts 8 hours divided into minimum sessions of 2 hours. Under normal conditions, the course is carried out mainly during the week and it is advisable to do it as often as possible. The only requirement is to be over 14 years old and swim fluently. The brand chosen by our school is F One, a world leader and we have the specific material to get you started so that you learn in the most efficient way possible.

We have the course structured by steps: knowledge and parts of the equipment, navigation theory, courses, maneuvers, turns, basic safety rules, positioning on the board and the wing. In the first place, a theoretical-practical explanation will be given on the ground on all the previous aspects. We teach stretching, warm-ups and breathing before entering the water.

The rest of the course will be held in the water and we will have two clearly differentiated parts in form and price: Initiation and advanced,

In the initiation part we will use tables with a lot of volume accompanied at all times by a monitor, who will move with the help of a rescue boat to correct from student to student and with which he will help pick up the drifting sailors. It can be done privately or in a group, with the maximum number in a group of six students per support boat. To pass to the advanced level it is essential to know how to gird and maneuver with ease with the initiation material.

In the advanced wing classes, the big difference is that we introduce the foil under the board and that is where the sport acquires its great interest. In the first place there is the possibility of focusing only on learning by doing wakefoil that we will learn to control the foil without the wing or towed wing with a pneumatic one, in this way we will learn super quickly and later we will begin our first flights combining the table of wing with foil and wing wing. We will practice until we learn to navigate with a stable flight.

The objective of the course is for the student to be able to fly stable and practice the sport autonomously. We have the easiest material to learn. It will be at all times that the classes are dynamic and fun.