Kite surf consist in moving on a small board with the help of a kite. Isla Canela could
be the best place in Spain to learn and practise it, due to the sand islands, the big
shallows and the constant thermal breeze in the afternoons. During summer time, we
will bring you with a boat to the sand islands in front of the beach, away from
swimmers, walkers and rest of sailors: an idyllic place to learn!!!

The kite surf course has a duration of 8 hours, distributed in 2 or 3 sessions,
depending on the weather conditions. Usually, wind rises in the afternoons, so the
meeting time it uses to be between 14:00 and 16:00 to start the session of 3 or 4
hours. The only requirement is be more than 12 years old and be able to swim
properly. Through the course, the sailing school will provide you all the equipment:
kite, board, wetsuit, harness and lifejacket. The brand chosen by our sailing school is
Airush, first class brand. It is a world leader and has been world champion in few
occasions. We start the courses from our office in Isla Canela.

We offer different options:
GROUP: 3 o 4 people in total, two per kite and one instructor for everyone. Groups
usually came already made.
SEMI-PRIVATE: this is the usual option. Two people per kite and a maximum of two
people per instructor.
PRIVATE: one person per instructor and kite.
The educational quality is the same in any of the three modalities.
The course is structured in three levels.
The FIRST LEVEL consists in manage the kite at the beach. The aim of this level is to
learn the wind window, rise the kite with safely, basic signals, learn how to set up
and tidy up the equipment and activate the safety systems. We start progressively
with 1.5 meters’ kite until 5 meters.

In the SECOND LEVEL, we start to use the kite in the water but without board, called
body drag. It is one of the funniest parts of the course as the student start to feel the
power of the kite in a safety way. In this level, we prepare the student to make
easier start with the board. We also start to use kite with more power. The student
will learn how to use the kite when the window is dynamic, recover the board when
it falls and manage the kite in the water with one hand free to manage the board.

In the THIRD LEVEL, the aim is that the student can sail a few meters and be selfsufficient
to practice kite surf. The main objective of this level is learning how to sail
with the board. For this reason, we insist in the coordination of the kite position with
the board. We make sure the student gets the skill of being able to rise the kite in
case it fells down the water, as well as recover the board if it falls behind on a failed
try. We also make sure the student learn which kite sizes is the best one according to
each own weight and wind.

Throughout the course, the level is set by the student, trying to improve as faster as
it is possible.

Once the course is finished, it is possible to do another course, totally or a part of it.
We will try the student progress to the next level and be self-sufficient sailing.
We offer advanced personalize courses focuses on what the student want to improve.

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