Tour: Isla Canela - ascent Guadiana River.
Distance: 10 to 30 Km.
Duration: 2 to 6 hours.
Difficulty: low-medium.

In this tour, we could enjoy the beautiful landscapes and the flat water of the Guadiana River. The
environment is wonderful and we usually ascent up to 15 km. of the river. In the first part of the
tour, the environment is coastal. We will go all over the shore, sailing next to the sand islands and
the wonderful virgin beaches in the Guadiana’s mouth, until go into the river. In first place, we will
find at the left side the beautiful portuguese town called Villa Real de Santo Antonio. On the right,
there are marshlands of the Natural Park Bajo Guadiana.

Afterwards, we will find on the left side the marshlands of Castro Marim, the wonderful town and its
fortress. On the right side, the magnificent town of Ayamonte. If we move forward, we will reach the
International Bridge and from this point on, the river gets narrower and the landscape start to
change from marshlands to riverbank. The marine influence will be lost, and the river will get
channel by mountains.

Recorrido de ruta en catamarán por el Rio Guadiana en Ayamonte
Recorrido de las rutas en catamarán desde Ayamonte a Isla Canela


Tour: Isla Canela - Portugal litoral.
Distance: 10 to 40 Km.
Duration: 3 to 8 hours.
Difficulty: medium.

The tour around Portugal consist in past through the Guadiana’s mouth and move forward to the
Portuguese literal. It is very interesting as the landscape lose the river influence, the water become
crystalline and the sand white. Between villages, the beaches are deserted and it is possible to
stop and enjoy the landscape. In the 3 hours tours, the villages where is possible to stop are Monte
Gordo (8 km), and Altura (12 km). A farther stop is Tavira (20 km) only for the 4 hours tours. In this
tours, it is possible to stop and enjoy a picnic in a deserted beach or eat in a pleasant beach bar.

Recorrido de ruta en catamarán por el Algarve, Portugal

Experience Ponta na Areira

Tour: Isla Canela - Portugal litoral.
Distance: 10 to 40 Km.
Duration: 3 to 8 hours.
Difficulty: medium.
In this excellent experience, we will bring you to a beautiful cove located in the portuguese cost of
Guadiana’s River, where it is possible to taste grilled fish at portuguese style and enjoy a walk over
the Guadiana’s River after lunch. The duration is 5 hours. It starts from Isla Canela around 12:00
am. After a nice sailing, we dock in cove Ponta na Areira to have lunch in one of the pleasant
beach bar with river’s views. There are 2 hours to have lunch and have rest afterwards. Later, we
will sail in the river to enjoy the beautiful views of Villa Real de Santo Antonio, Ayamonte and all the
natural environment we will be surrounded by. At this point, the tour will be finished and we will
come back to the sailing school.
Perhaps, this will be your favorite day of your holidays.

Recorrido de ruta en catamaran por la desembocadura del Guadiana , Ayamonte
Experiencia de Kanela Sailing School en el Guadiana