Guadiana’s descent
Tour: Canela neighborhood - Isla Canela beach.
Distance: 5,30 km to 7,5 km.
Duration: 3 hours.
Difficulty: medium.
4 people minimum.

It is a lineal route with entrance to the marshland San Bruno, which allow to modify the distance as
the group interest. The route is done in the same direction of the tide so the difficulty is medium.
This tour is the most interesting one we do because of the diversity of landscapes and ecosystems
visited. The first part of the route is in natural marshland and the second one in a desert beach.
The route is by the river next to the spanish shore and from the beginning we will find a completely
natural environment filled of birds and vegetation typically from sea marshlands. The starting point
is the Canela neighborhood which is a fisherman town located in the Guadiana river, 2 km away
from the mouth of the river.

At the beginning, the route consists in descent the Guadiana river enjoying the wonderful views to
Villa Real de Santo Antonio (Portugal). Later, we will visit the marshlands of San Bruno, which is an
estuary without exit. It is rambling and gets narrowed. We go inside as much as the group like. The
last part is in a natural deserted beach, surrounded by sandbars until arrive to our destination, Isla
Canela beach.

This route can be mixed with the experience of having lunch in a nice beach bar, located in a small
cove on the portuguese cost.

travesia por el Guadiana en Isla Canela
Recorrido en kayak por las marismas del Guadiana a Isla Canela

Rio Carreras

Tour: Rio Carreras round trip.
Distance: 5 km to 7 km.
Duration: 2 to 4 hours.
Difficulty: low - medium.
3 people minimum.

It is a round trip from Punta del Moral neighborhood, so the final route is decided by the group
interest. We try to do this trip when the tide is hight so we take advance of it at any moment. The
type of landscape visited is marshland throughout Rio Carreras river, passing by Isla Cristina and
visiting a small river called Caño de Franco. At any moment we will feel surrounded by nature and
full of birds. The extended route reach an old sea mill very singular in this zone. The starting and
ending point is from a beautiful fisherman cove where there are some local bars. If it is lunch time,
we recommend this nice place for that.

Recorrido de ruta en kayak por el Puerto de Isla Cristina
Recorrido de ruta en kayak por Isla Cristina

Esteros de Canela

Tour: from Canela neighborhood to Punta del Moral neighborhood.
Distance: 9 km.
Duration: 4 to 5 hours.
Difficulty: medium - high.
4 people minimum.

This route is to get in the heartland of the marshland. It is done with the tide hight in the middle of
the route so it is always favorable to us. The tour starts in Canela neighborhood located in
Guadiana river, immediately we get inside the marshlands going across the Estero de Canela and,
after passing Isla Cristina, we finish in Punta del Moral neighborhood. All the route is in the natural
park surrounded by nature and with no access to civilization until arrive to Isla Cristina. This is the
tour which gets more inside marshland and go over small rivers which gets bigger until connect to
Carreras river.

Recorrido de ruta en kayak de Ayamonte a Punta del Moral
Recorrido de ruta en kayak por Isla Canela