Catamaran is a light sailing boat which has two hull and a bigger sail than in monohull. This allow
to sail faster and more stable. It also facilitates the maneuver to get land. Either Isla Canela or
Punta del Moral are two fantastic beaches to practice this modality as there is no rocks, waves and
there is usually a constant thermal breeze during the summer time. Therefore, the surroundings,
the island and the proximity of Guadiana river and Portugal, make the sailing more interesting.
The standard course has a duration of 10 hours, distributed in 5 sessions of two hours each. In
normal conditions, the courses are from Monday to Friday which is the recommended way to do it.
However, we can adapt to the client´s necessities, as the course could be reduced or extended.
The only requirement is be more than 12 years old and be able to swim properly. Through the
course, the sailing school will provide you all the equipment: boats and lifejacket. The boat chosen
for our sailing school is Hobie Cat -15, a perfect boat to learn and have fun as it hasn’t got boom, it
is easy to maneuver and to DESVOLCAR. It has capacity for 3 people. Courses are taken in either
Isla Canela and Punta del Moral.

The course is structured in steps: boats parts, wind directions, maneuvers, entry and exit with
the boat, recover man overboard, main security rules and desvolcar. The course starts with an
explanation of above mentioned and the rest of the course is completely practical in the water,
sailing since first day. We also teach some stretching and warm-ups before entering the water.
On the catamaran, there will be two or three people plus the instructor, who will give the course
from the boat. The student will learn how to move in the water depending only of the wind. At
the end of the course, we teach how to desvolcar the boat for a save sailing at any conditions.
There are also privet lessons for ones who need more attention.

The aim of the course is that students could sail by themselves with gentle breeze, being able to
sail in any directions, gybe, tack, entry and exit the water and come back to a starting point.
The student should be able to perceive the wind and know how to get on with it. We will try to
make classes dynamics and fun.

niás llevan un catamarán en las playas de huelva
Nuetros alumnos del curso de catamarán navegando en Huelva
Nuestro catamaran navegando en la playas de Huelva durante uno de nuestros cursos