Surf consists on, standing up on a board, slide with the help of a wave. It is a sport
which every time has more followers and, nowadays, there are millions of people
who practice it. This is because you can enjoy it since the first moment. Although it
is hard to get a high level, fun is guarantee from the first day. When waves come
from the east, Punta del Moral is a perfect place to practice it as it is protected by a
breakwater. This makes waves smoothies and tidy which is ideal to initiation in a safe

The standard course has a duration of 10 hours, distributed in 5 sessions of two hours
each. In normal conditions, the courses are from Monday to Friday which is the
recommended way to do it. However, as we depend of waves and tides, timetable
and days of class depend on these factors. We can adapt them to the client´s
necessities, as the course could be reduced or extended. The only requirement is be
more than 10 years old and be able to swim properly. Through the course, the sailing
school will provide you all the equipment: board, leash and lifejacket. The brand
chosen by our sailing school is Surf-pro, which is the most popular one in the main
sailing schools. They have a special design which facilitates the learning. The course
is taken in Punta del Moral, where is the better conditions.

The course is structured in steps: theory, rowing technique, position on the board,
technique to stand up, position on the wave and security rules. Usually, classes start
with a brief technical explanation according to the group level. How to row properly
will be practiced and corrected and we will explain how to get up on the board and
the position on it; how to turn, brake and accelerate; and positions of body, legs and
harms. Likewise, we teach how to understand the sea (currents, waves formation,
different types of breakers). We also show you some stretching, warm-ups and
breathing before entering the water.

After the theoretical explanation, we continue with the practical explanation in the
water to put in practice the knowledge gotten with the help of an instructor, who
will help and teach you while surfing waves. You will learn how to entrance and exit
the water safely, how to surf your first foams and waves as well as how to get to the
peak. You will practice your first REMADAS and basic turns. At any time, an instructor
will be with you. Later on, you will learn how to BORDEAR your first waves and how
to speed on the wave, always working on the style correction. Fun and learning are

The maximum number of people per instructor is eight. It will be always under the
supervision and continued advising of the most experimented instructors, they are
qualified and expert on rescue and first aid. In this course we will look for small
waves which learn without any risk. There are also privet lessons for the ones who
needed more attention or want to learn the basic notions and after that practice by

The course aim is that students learn how to understand the sea and practice surf in
an effective way and can progress after every class. We will always try to make the
learning funny. After the course, students should be able to surf by themselves and
know everything about it as understand how conditions can change from any beach
depending on tides and currents.

monitor de surf en Punta del Moral , Huelva con Kanela Sailing School
alumno de surf en Punta del Moral , Huelva con Kanela Sailing School
clase de surf en Punta del Moral , Huelva con Kanela Sailing School