Paddle surf is a sport which its practice is rising. It consists in moving standing up on
a board with the help of an oar. Despite seems an easy sport, paddle surf is a very
completed sport through which whole body and balance are developed. Isla Canela
and Punta del moral are two fantastic beaches to practice it as there is not too much
waves, which facilitates learning it. For tours, it is a beautiful environment. It is
possible to do tours around the sand islands, Guadiana river and around the
marshlands. When there is wind from the east, there are clean and tidy waves in
Punta del Moral, perfect for advanced level.

The standard course has a duration of 10 hours, distributed in 5 sessions of two hours
each. In normal conditions, the courses are from Monday to Friday which is the
recommended way to do it. However, we can adapt to the client´s necessities, as the
course could be reduced or extended. The only requirement is be more than 10
years old and be able to swim properly. Through the course, the sailing school will
provide you all the equipment: board, oar and lifejacket. The brand chosen by our
sailing school is Starboard, world leader brand with an unbeatable equipment.

The course is structured in steps: theory, use of the oar, rowing technique, position
on the board, security rules, turns and surf with the help of the oar. First, a practical
and theoretical explanation will be given about everything mentioned above. We
teach stretching, warm-ups and breathing before entering the water.

The rest of the course is in the water practicing the entrance and exit to water
safely, balance on the water (face-down, seated and standing up on the board), firsts
paddles and basics turns. At any time, an instructor will go along with the group on
another board. In case of matching waves, we will also teach you how to catch them
and surf with the help of the paddle.

The maximum number of people per instructor is eight. There are also privet lessons
for ones who need more attention or want to learn the basic notions and after that
practice by themselves.

The course aim is achieve that students could sail properly by themselves under any
conditions. We will always try to make lessons enjoyable. After the course, the
students should be able to sail in a self-sufficient way.

explicación del monitor de paddle surf en actividad de la universidad de sevilla
niña practicando Paddle surf en Isla canela y Punta del Moral. Huelva con Kanela Sailing School
Monitor de Paddle surf en Isla canela . Huelva con Kanela Sailing School