Introduction to courses

The courses which the school offers are mainly windsurf, kite surf, catamaran (for adults and
children), paddle surf, surf and sup-yoga. For any modality, Isla Canela is singularly good for
learning. For windsurf and kite surf, the conditions are idyllic, as the extend areas of shallow water
and the constant breeze make from Isla Canela the best conditions of Andalusia, specially for
learning. For Paddle surf and surf, we take advance of the waves coming from easterly winds. Due
to Punta del Moral breakwater, waves come tidy and clean, a perfect place to learn. For
catamaran, the area devoid of rocks and been in the mouth of the Guadiana river, they make
Ayamonte a perfect place to practice this modality.

At all our courses and activity, the instructor will decide if the conditions are valid for the course.
Otherwise, the course will be suspended and will be make up on the following days. In this case,
we will try to find a day which suit to either the student and the sailing school. If not, we will be paid
a proportional share of the course left. In case of miss a class without justify or notify, the student
will lose the amount and the right of recover the classes.