Sup-yoga is a discipline of yoga which is done on a paddle surf board. It is an interesting
variation of yoga as doing the postures on a board, you see yourself force to keep the balance.
We choose simple postures open to anyone interested. This modality also allows to feel the sea
and be connected with the nature. Due to the shallow water and being scarce of waves, Isla
Canela is an idyllic place to practice this discipline.

The standard course has a duration of 10 hours, distributed in 5 sessions of two hours each. The
classes are programmed depending on the demand. Timetables are modified as we look for the
best conditions about winds and tide. Calm conditions will be tried to find, with flat water and
no wind. We can adapt to the client´s necessities, as the course could be reduced or extended.
The only requirement is be more than 10 years old and be able to swim properly. Through the
course, the sailing school will provide you all the equipment: board and oar. There are courses
in either Isla Canela or Punta del Moral, and with no wind or slow north wind, perfect conditions
to practice it.

The course is structured in steps: each class starts with an explanation about the technique of
the yoga on a board. We explain the main postures will be done and how they will benefit us.
Afterwards, the course continues in the water with an instructor who will guide and correct the
exercises. The maximum number of students is nine. There are also privet lessons for ones who
need more attention or want to learn the basic notions and after that practice by themselves.
The aim of the course is that the student learn and enjoy this discipline and confirm the benefits
it gives us.


clase de sup yoga al atardecer en Isla Canela
Alumnas en clase de sup yoga Isla Canela
Isla Canela clase de sup yoga al atardecer